How To Spot A Zombie

Initial symptoms include:

  • Discoloured skin and eyes  
  • Flesh starting to decay 
  • Impacts on mobility and increased clumsiness
  • Loss of speech  
  • Unemotional, with no mercy toward victims 

Full-blown infection is obvious when the risen dead display:

  • Inability to feel or respond to pain or even the most brutal injuries
  • bottomless appetite for flesh
  • ability to function without food, water, or sleep
  • no signs of self-healing or response to extreme temperatures.
  • The brain maintains limited abilities of the body, allowing for movement of the limbs (provided that they are not decomposed to the point where the bones are not strong enough to bend without breaking), jaws, neck, and even the use of its sensory systems.

Below is an image of what a typical zombie may look like, but beware! Not all zombies will look like this. Some may look worse, whereas some may even look like the person they once were.